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Terms of Service



These terms and conditions apply between Jan-Niklas Liedtke | Osteomed Physio, Wilhelmsplatz 5, 38723 Seesen (hereinafter: Osteomed Yoga) and participants in the events of Osteomed Yoga (hereinafter: Participants). The terms and conditions apply to any use of courses, workshops, specials, etc., including online events. Osteomed Yoga is entitled to change the terms and conditions.

  1. General:

    1. Registration for an event (hour / course / workshop) is binding. The space will be reserved for 5 working days after confirmation of registration. The respective amount must be paid during this time. In the event that no payment has been received, we reserve the right to assign the space to another person. 

    2. The amount must be paid when registering via the Eversports platform. In the case of short-term registration, the participant must provide appropriate evidence (e.g. confirmation of receipt of payment) that payment has been made at the request of Osteomed Yoga. Alternatively, the participant can pay in the studio using an EC card. 

    3. Withdrawal is possible up to 30 days before the start of the course / workshop without giving reasons and must be reported in writing. The amount already paid will be fully refunded. If you withdraw within the last 30 days before the start of the course / workshop, the participation fee minus a processing fee of EUR 20.00 will only be reimbursed if someone else is on the waiting list or the participant himself / herself has a participant as a replacement represents. If the participation fee is less than EUR 20.00, there will be no reimbursement. This also applies if the participant does not appear without registration.

    4. Our events are managed via the Eversports platform. To set up the customer account, you must provide your first and last name, your current address and an email address. Providing a telephone number is helpful for canceling an event at short notice due to an emergency. 

    5. Registration for a yoga class is also binding. Cancellation free of charge is possible up to 12 hours before the appointment. In that case, the unit will be credited back; this applies to all cards and memberships. If there is no timely cancellation or the participant does not show up, the unit will be deducted. 

    6. All cards and memberships are personal and not transferable to another person. Units of cards or memberships that have been paid for but not or only partially used expire after their expiry date; there is no entitlement to reimbursement.

    7. In the event of illness, the points card or membership can be suspended on presentation of a medical certificate. The absence must be at least 10 days. The break must be requested in writing / by email as soon as the illness / injury occurs. The validity of the card or the term of membership is extended by the duration of the rest period. Retroactive rest periods are not possible. There will be no reimbursement of contributions that have already been paid.

    8. In the event of pregnancy, the points card or membership can be suspended free of charge and used again after pregnancy. The minimum term of membership remains unaffected, ie the rest period is added to the original term. The rest period must be requested in writing / by e-mail; retroactive crediting is not possible. 

    9. The courses and course times are based on the weekly course schedule, which is published on the website. Osteomed Yoga reserves the right to change the course offer, the course times and the teaching staff. Customers will be informed of any changes via the website or by email. There is no entitlement to an event being held at a specific time / date or by a specific teacher. This applies in particular to short-term closure and maintenance work.

    10. Osteomed Yoga is entitled to have offers represented or to close completely within each year for its own training courses as well as for external events lasting several days and during company holidays, which are announced early on on the website and in the course schedule, without affecting the terms of payment.

    11. Should the Yoga Studio (Osteomed Yoga) have to be closed due to force majeure or official instructions, the events will continue online without affecting the terms of payment. There is no entitlement to reimbursement or renewal of the points card or membership.

    12. If an event is canceled by Osteomed Yoga, the amount already paid will be fully refunded.

    13. Osteomed Yoga is entitled to change the prices in compliance with the German Civil Code (BGB).  


  2. Cards:

    1. The point cards entitle you to participate in a certain number of course hours: Single card = 1 unit; 10 card = 10 units.

    2. Any number of point cards can be purchased.

    3. When you visit Osteomed Yoga for the first time, you have the opportunity to take part in an open class with a trial lesson. 

    4. The 10-pass card is valid for 10 weeks from the time it is redeemed (first booked date). A refund for unused units or a transfer is not possible.

    5. The single ticket can be redeemed for courses of 60 minutes and 90 minutes. A distinction is made between courses with a duration of 60 minutes and 90 minutes for the 10-card tickets. The course cards for 90-minute courses are also valid for participation in 60-minute courses.  


  3. Prevention courses according to §20 SGB V:

    1. Prevention courses are closed courses and have a start and an end date. A 10-ticket (60 min. Or 90 min.) Is required to participate. 

    2. In order to receive a subsidy / reimbursement from the health insurance company, 80% of the course hours are required.

    3. In the event of illness, it is possible (by arrangement) to make up for missed units in another certified course that takes place in the same period. 

    4. The certificate of attendance will be issued after 80% participation has been reached after the last lesson and will be handed over personally in the studio or sent by e-mail. There is no dispatch by post.

    5. Unused units expire at the end of the course period. Refunds or extensions are not possible. 

    6. The certified courses are currently marked on the website during the booking process.


  4. Memberships:

    1. The term of membership begins on the date of purchase and is binding for 12 months. When the contract is concluded, the amount to be paid must be paid via Eversports. If the amount has to be dunned, a reminder fee of EUR 5.00 is due for each payment reminder.

    2. Membership entitles you to unlimited participation in course hours. Only full / continuous participation is possible in closed courses. 

    3. In order to take part in a prevention course, membership can be suspended twice a year for the duration of the course. The duration of membership is extended by the rest period.

    4. Membership can be canceled up to three months before the end of the minimum term. As long as there is no written cancellation, the membership is automatically extended by the respective term of the membership (6 months or 12 months).


  5. Online events:

    1. Most yoga lessons are broadcast simultaneously online via live stream via Zoom-Meeting. The events can be recognized in the course schedule by the addition "online". 

    2. Participation is possible with cards and memberships.

    3. Our teaching staff pays as much attention to the online participants as possible. The participant is responsible for good visibility (especially functionality and alignment of the camera). Liability for injuries is excluded.

    4. The technical equipment and operation is carried out to the best of our knowledge and professional advice. Osteomed Yoga assumes no liability for technical malfunctions during transmission that are not caused by improper operation.

  6. Liability:

    1. The participant undertakes to point out any health restrictions. In the event of acute complaints or restrictions, the participant also points this out before the yoga classes and during the exercises.

    2. The lessons are carried out to the best of their knowledge and belief by qualified teaching staff. The participant is responsible for deciding whether participation in the events is compatible with their own physical and psychological condition.

    3. Osteomed Yoga assumes no liability for valuables brought along.

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