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Therapy in Seesen,
Goslar & Wilhelmshaven

In our practices in Seesen, Goslar and Wilhelmshaven we offer you a wide range of therapy and course options. From classic physiotherapy and functional osteopathy to yoga and postpartum training courses.

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in Seesen

on the device (KGG)

We now offer physiotherapy on the device in our newly equipped training area.

Based on a detailed diagnosis, we create your individual training plan. You can then train independently under the supervision and guidance of our physiotherapists. Strength and endurance training can compensate for muscular imbalances and improve blood circulation.


Physiotherapy is the generic term for  various therapeutic measures.  It includes active as well as passive exercises. Physiotherapy applications are used in almost all areas of medicine (e.g. neurology, pediatrics, surgery or orthopedics).

Physiotherapie Seesen Goslar Wilhelmshaven
Physiotherapie manuelle Therapie Seesen Goslar Wilhelmshaven

Manual therapy

Under manual therapy one understands primarily measures that have a mobilizing effect on the musculoskeletal system. The therapy is used for joint blockages of all kinds, e.g. to restore mobility to a restricted shoulder. In the area of the spine, joints can also be mobilized, for example to reduce pain in an acute torticollis.

A method of treatment that is for adults is used in both ergotherapy and physiotherapy. The method was developed by the English doctor couple Dr. Berta Bobath and Dr. Karl Bobath.


The concept continues on the connection between perception and movement. It tries to improve the tone of the body (e.g. Tension of the tissue, the affected muscles, the blood vessel system, the vegetative nervous system) -understood as a holistic system - to normalize so that the patient can move better again.


The following methods, among others, are used in the treatment: inhibition of pathological posture and movement patterns as well as activation of normal posture and movement reactions.


Functional osteopathic treatment techniques

Osteopathy is a holistic treatment concept. The focus is on the human being as a whole and not only the acute illness.      

It treats disorders of mobility within the entire body system. This can be, for example, classic loss of movement in the musculoskeletal system or disorders of organ mobility. As a holistic concept, osteopathy always includes all structures of the human body, the muscles, the bones, the joints, the connective tissue, the fasciae, the nervous system (brain and spinal cord), the membranes and much more in the therapy.

Manual lymphdrainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is used to reduce or relieve congestion and swelling. It promotes the drainage of lymph, a light yellow body fluid consisting of lymph plasma and lymphocytes (white blood cells). The lymph flows in certain vessels called lymphatic channels, which in turn are interrupted by lymph node channels. 

Manual lymphatic drainage promotes lymphatic drainage in a natural way. To drain the lymphatic channels, the therapist applies special grips to the skin. Only very light pressure and gentle movements are used. For you as a patient, lymphatic drainage is painless, and you do not have to actively move or do strenuous exercises.

Physiotherapie Seesen Goslar Wilhelmshaven
Physiotherapie Seesen

Continuous maintenance  and many other
treatment methods

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We take time for you, listen to you and always take a thorough look at your medical history. Based on this, we draw up an individual treatment plan for you and work out a therapy goal together with you that is adapted to your needs.

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